Terms And Condition

Terms & Conditions
  1. Vehicle is driven and tested (including test drive outside workshop) repaired and stored at the sole risk, responsibility and liability of the Customer. In case of damage due to an accident, repairs shall be carried out under insurance of the vehicle.
  2. Unforeseen hindrances that are beyond our control, including for example force majeure, official interventions, strikes and other interruptions to business activities, delays in supply of the goods verifiable ordered in due time and lockouts that becomes necessary in the course of industrial action, shall justify a reasonable extension of the delivery period. The same shall apply to aforementioned circumstances if they occur during a delay in delivery that has already occurred.
  3. Customer undertakes to take delivery of the vehicle within 48 hours of advice regarding completion of the work; in the event of delay the Customer shall pay storage charges of N500 per day, along with the charges of repairs, spare parts etc.
  4. The customer shall pay an estimation charge of N2000 or 10% of the total labour charges whichever is higher if the job is not entrusted to any of our Authorized Service Centre; after obtaining estimate and agree to pay the same in addition to the storage charges referred to in clause 3 above.
  5. Customer shall make payment of all charges before taking delivery of the vehicle. Payment shall be made either in cash or by bank draft. Discount and collection charges as well as interest plus value added tax to be borne by the customer. In the event, settlement of bills is delayed beyond a period of 7 days. Customer shall be liable to pay interest 18% p.a. on the outstanding bill amount from the date on which the vehicle was ready for delivery until payment is fully realized.
  6. Ednutalo Automotive Services [EAS] shall exercise lien on the vehicle until all above-mentioned payments are settled best to the satisfaction of EAS.
  7. No vehicle shall be delivered without this Job card/receipt. Delivery of vehicle shall be effected upon the person whose signature appear on the JOB CARD.
  8. Customer undertakes, to pay for all repairs, prior to taking delivery of the vehicle, subsequent reimbursement from insurance company may be made by them directly to the customer.
  9. Salvage of accident, vehicle must be lifted by Customer along with the delivery of the vehicle Salvage not claimed at the time of delivery shall be disposed off by EAS as scrap.
  10. Practically, it may not be possible to notice and record all dents, scratches and other damages on the vehicle at the time of accepting vehicle and if some notice during repairs/servicing; remarks/observations of the workshop in-charge shall be final and binding upon customer.
  11. Customers must ensure that all personal belongings are removed from the vehicle prior to bring vehicle to workshop.
  12. Bank Draft and Pay Order should be draw in favour of EDNUTALO AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES